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More Medical Storage Solutions

MOR-STOR MEDICAL serves as a single source for all acute care facilities by providing the right solutions to simplify storage and maximize efficiency.

We believe proper medical solutions can make a difference in healthcare facilities.

Mission & Vision

Is your storage solution not up to par with your growth?

One of the major struggles acute care and healthcare industries suffer from is the advance growth needed for the communities they serve.

With new facilities and/or units and expansions to healthcare facilities, your ever-growing field needs to stay organized and LEAN in order to run efficiently.

We want to help you give the best care for your patients.

High Density Instrument Storage

We provide the latest High Density Storage Racks and Shelving solutions for growing acute care facilities. We pride ourselves in being fully customizable to your needs.

Transportation Trolleys

Ensures that your staff moves smoothly and efficiently with our lightweight aluminum carts. Ideal for transporting medical supplies and/or devices.

Covers & flat tops also offered.

Medical Supply Carts

Our high-quality model carts are designed to provide better organization and mobile storage solutions.

Baskets, Trays, & Runners

Our traditional modular system is based on ISO 4060 sizes and is fully dividable through partitions that are also available through MOR-STOR.


Includes catheter hooks & storage, label holders, carts & modular basket items.

What Can Proper Storage Solutions Do?


Average reduction in inventory costs


Average time and labor gained


Average reduction in space needed to hold inventory

Our Customer’s Storage Issues

Not all storage issues are the same and our team is devoted to providing you the perfect solution. Our experts specialize in all aspects of storage solutions, and we are continuously updating and expanding our product selection in order to help you and your team work more efficiently.

Customers can expect us to provide quality inventory selections for:

      • HD Open Racks
      • Mobile Storage Carts
      • Transportation Trolleys
      • CSSD Container Storage
      • Kanban Solutions
      • Many other solutions available

What Is Our Process Like From Start To Finish?

Consultations & Layouts

Finding the right storage solution for you is important to us. Let our team of experts help and provide you CAD drawings at no cost.

Planning & Designing

After our free on-site consultation, our team gets to work by browsing the latest innovative offerings in healthcare storage so that we can create solutions that are unique to your problems.


Coordinating your delivery and installation is part of our job. We make sure your team is ready to work as efficiently and quickly as possible.


We go above and beyond to walk your team through where the new installations are settled and how to effectively use them for all storage needs and organization.

You don’t want to miss this!


The cost of medicine is increasing, putting pressure on pharmacies to reduce costs.

One way to achieve this is by optimizing pharmacy storage, which is often overlooked. MOR-STOR Medical now offers affordable, customized solutions to help pharmacies save money and improve efficiency.

Our storage solutions can improve productivity and accessibility by eliminating the need for long walks in aisles, bending, and climbing to access medicines and supplies.

Completely Free, No Obligation Consultations & Estimates!

Is your healthcare facility needing better storage solutions? We’re here to talk to you about your current storage issues and offer our expert insight on ways to improve productivity, maximize your storage space, and help your patients get the best care possible.